Christmas Message 2020

Dear HSKC Members.
I want to wish you all a very safe and special Happy Christmas 2020.
It has been a hard year for everyone, myself included. So many
courses and plans had to be cancelled.
The Handbridge Dojo had its last session of the year on Monday 21st
Thank you everyone who made the effort to be there.
Thank you to those who have supported the Dojo but just could not make it.
With the blessing of Sport England and the safety protocols of the
KUGB we will re-open in the New Year on Monday 4th January 2021.
Remember that the best defence against the virus is regular exercise
and we have Temperature checks on Instructors and students alike.
We are all well distanced in a huge airy Gym.
Trainers are being worn so no contact with the floor and everywhere
is sanitised as well as hand sanitizer on entry.
No contact allowed so it’s its basics and Kata with long distance
kumite drills and NO kiais or shouts.
So do feel safe to join back with us in 2021
Please have a Happy Safe Christmas and New Year see you on the 4th
Jan 2021.
Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB
HSKC Chief Club Instructor.