Sensei Frank Brennan – Training and Kyu Grading

Monday 21st November 2022

Kyu Grading with Sensei Frank Brennan

Sensei Frank Brennan will be visiting the Handbridge dojo on Monday 21 November 2022 to conduct a kyu grading for eligible students.

There will be a single training session for all grades from 6pm to 7pm followed immediately by the grading at 7pm.

All students who are grading must arrive at least 15 minutes before training commences and must bring their licence record books.

Cost for the grading is £10 per student plus normal training fee.

ALL KUGB members from other clubs are very welcome to attend. Visitors training Fee £6


We are always looking for new starters who have never done karate before or those who may have had some exposure to martial arts of different styles.
There are many benefits of studying karate whether you just want to get fit, meet people, would like to compete or are interested in more traditional budo, then karate is for you.

Our club instructor is Sensei Michael O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB who has been training for over 50 years. He is currently one of only four 7th Dans within the KUGB and has an unbelievable wealth of knowledge.
Sensei O’Connor is assisted by Sensei Dave Roberts 4th Dan KUGB

Some of the benefits include (but are not limited to):-
Improves focus and discipline in children
Improves decision making
Helps to achieve goals
Positive effects for children on the spectrum
Teaches Self-protection
Helps reduce weight
Helps to relieve Stress
Improves overall fitness levels

After 2 months of regular training (at least twice per week), most students are ready to take their first grading. There is a system of belts ranging from White (beginner) to Black (advanced). Once the first level Black Belt is achieved, there are nine more levels of Black Belt (up to 10th Dan – Judan)
First level Black Belt (Shodan) can be achieved in around 3.5 – 4 years of regular training.
All Kyu gradings (those below black belt) are conducted at Queens Park High School i.e. the same place you will be training. These are conducted 3-4 times a year and students who have been training diligently can expect to grade every 3 – 4 months.
In order to train and grade, students require a licence which can be obtained by visiting the KUGB website and following instructions. Alternatively, see your instructor who can assist you with this. The licence also provides insurance cover.
Prices are £4 juniors, students and unemployed, £5 adults and there are special rates for families.

We look forward to seeing you in the dojo.

Sensei Dave Roberts – Asst Chief Instructor Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club


The Gym, Queens Park High School, Chester, CH4 7AE


Monday and Thursday 6-7pm beginners / intermediates; 7-8pm intermediates / advanced

Sensei Dave Roberts 4th Dan

After training on Mon 3 October 2022, Sensei Dave Roberts received the HSKC trophy for outstanding performance from Sensei Mike O’Connor on achieving the grade of 4th Dan on Sat 1 October 2022.

There was also a very special card signed by all KUGB Seniors and many others from the Northern Regional Championships and also club members, all wishing Dave many congratulations on his great achievement.