Dear HSKC Members,
I am very happy to report that the Queens Park High School will reopen to HSKC Members on 
Monday 7th September 2020. At our usual times 6-7pm for any children or beginners 
and 7pm – 8.30pm for the Senior Class.
It is essential that ALL members check that their KUGB licence is up to date and if not do an online renewal.
Here is the link to do that
Everyone concerned with the reopening is very aware that we must be totally vigilant in order to train safely.
There have been immense challenges to overcome . SLS lettings went into receivership sadly taking a huge chunk of club funds with it.
A new lettings company has been employed by the school which is Edu-Lettings and I have again taken a massive personal risk of booking a year to exempt paying £14 a night VAT and thus trying to keep the Club costs down.
But HSKC needs your loyal support more now than ever if we are to survive the covid 19 pandemic.
Here are our HSKC/KUGB recommended precautionary measures:
1. Most important if you have ANY Covid 19 symptoms yourself or in your immediate family
2. Everyone entering the Gym Dojo will be temperature checked by our own HSKC purchased and medically approved instant temperature none touch diagnostic temperature guns We have two..
ANYONE showing an above normal range will be refused admission asked to get GP tested
3. Everyone should bring suitable footwear to train in eg. Trainers or Kung Fu slippers BUT DO NOT COME WEARING THE TRAINERS – a very simple and cheap ideal solution to wear is flip flops. These can be purchased from poundland for one pound and they have most sizes . NB Other stores are available -or you probably have flip flops already.or wear your normal everyday shoes
4. It is recommended that everyone, especially children come wearing their gi .(Karate Uniform)
5. Adults can come in their gi with an overgi jacket or track suit top worn over your gi.
Please note that the school changing rooms and showers are not to be used. However the school toilets will be available and the usual washing facilities therein.
6. The training fee should be in a clear bank bag or sealed envelope with your name on it.
A Reminder – training fee remains at Adults: £5, Also the child training fee at: £4 
DISCOUNTS – We know times are tough and though rents have increased we hold our discounts:
 An Adult with one child together is £6, Adult and two children is £7 Two children from the same family £7 ,
Three children from the same family £8 
7. Everyone will be asked to social distance at 2 metres during arrival / training and  leaving of the Dojo. 
 The upper level windows will be open to ensure an air flow in the Dojo.
8. The doors will be opened by the instructors wearing gloves, all handles will be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped by the instructors. Hand sanitising spray and gel material will be present for use.
1a. There will be NO close contact kumite. Any Kumite will be at a least 2 metre distance or more and the emphasis will be on Kihon (Basics) and Kata (Forms)
2a Instructors will NOT be physically correcting students, instead verbal instructions will be given or if necessary the Instructors will demonstrate for you.
3a There will be NO Kiai’s – though the point at which Kiais are in Kata will be denoted, and there will be NO harsh or expulsive breaths.  No screaming and NO running round jumping on the mats etc.
4a.  Future Gradings are possible, though for parts of that masks would be required – we will explain how that works in the months ahead so as to fall into line with the most current KUGB and Government rules.
5a  Regarding Face Masks – You can wear a mask if you want BUT the Government and The World Health Authority says 
“People should NOT wear masks when exercising, as masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms. 
The important preventive measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance of at least one meter from others”.
6a With our current HSKC numbers and the fact of the very large size and height of the Dojo we will already be working well within the Government’s recommended  numbers, that can easily mean we have the most room per member and the best airflow apart from being outdoors.. 
Finally I would like to say that the initial classes will be very light with an emphasis on regaining skills that may be a little rusty.
No-one should feel apprehensive about returning to training as we are ALL in the same boat. It’s a great time to come back to training if you’ve had a break or just want to lose the lockdown extra pounds which have been so easy to put on.
It’s time to get extra pounds off, get really fit and enjoy all the massive health and mental benefits of Karate that Doctors and fitness studies worldwide have recognised for years.  Above all our aim is to keep everyone safe at all times.
See you in the Dojo
Sensei Mike
Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB
Chief Club Instructor
Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club
Queens Park High School GYM
Handbridge  Chester
A Totally Non Profit Making Karate Club since 4th May 1969 , Now in our 51st Year
Note: Could members/new starters please contact the club via the website / Facebook / text message or otherwise to advise on whether or not they will be returning to training. 
Many thanks, and look forward to welcoming you back in the dojo.