Online Training during lockdown period due to Covid-19

All HSKC members,
During these difficult times, a lot of you will probably already be bored and in need of stimulation. There are a number of KUGB clubs currently running online karate sessions. I participated in a session last night with renowned instructors John and Holly Bruce. I have to say, although strange training in my living room, it was a fantastic session.
If any members would like to take part in any of these sessions, I’m sure the relevant clubs would welcome you. I know of at least 4 clubs who are doing this currently (there are probably more):-
Sendai Kushiro – Sensei’s John & Holly Bruce
Chelmsford Karate Club – Sensei Jane Naylor Jones
Ataru – Sensei Otto Blank
Sei Do Kan – Sensei Billy Higgins
Please let me know if you are interested and I will provide contact details for you.
Stay Safe – Sensei Dave Roberts

HSKC tribute to Sensei Bob Poynton 8th Dan KUGB

We took time out on our last training session of Thursday 19th March 2020  to remember our very great friend and truly amazing Karate senior  Kyoshi Bob “Bobby” Poynton 8th Dan.
Sadly the small family funeral planned for April will not be what this huge stalwart of KUGB karate deserves for his amazing dedication to the Karate Union of Great Britain, his representation of his Country in World, European and Domestic Championships, his contributions towards World Karate and the unification of Karate in the UK under Sport England. His bringing together of Karate as an Exam qualification in O and A level, his advancing Senior Dan Grades to be Coaching Assessors, who in turn upgraded Club Instructors and a whole raft of attainable qualifications for teaching karate more professionally.
His tireless work along side Hanshi Sherry 9th Dan, in raising up the standard of KUGB referees and Judges to be the envy of other associations worldwide, Kyoshi Bob Poynton as KUGB Administrator and Course Organiser has always made himself available to help us with club matters over our 51 year history and I was grateful to be only talking with him personally on the Friday prior to his passing in his home when he looked well but as usual was very busy but still made time to speak to me and have a last cup of tea together. Who knew ??
Sadly Kyoshi Bob “Bobby “Poynton 8th Dan died in his sleep and was found Tuesday morning 10th March by shocked KUGB Office staff.
The cause of death has been determined as heart failure.
All our thoughts and sympathy go out to his brother Jimmy, his sister Doreen, their family and friends and to the senior members of the KUGB who are as shocked and saddened as me and the rest of the members of the Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club.
RIP Sensei
(written by Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB and Chief Instructor Handbridge SKC)

Sensei Bob Poynton 8th Dan

All HSKC members are very shocked and saddened by the sudden death of this great stalwart of the KUGB especially sensei Mike who has known him personally for over 51 years. RIP Sensei