Month: September 2019

  • Some benefits of Karate

    Not only is Karate a great activity that keeps students physically active, but it also instills a sense of achievement as you work your way up through the coloured belts and on to black belt. Even if you have no previous experience in Karate, it is a great physical activity for children and adults from […]

  • KUGB Grading System

    Grading is a system whereby students can monitor their progress by undergoing examinations to progress to the next belt. KUGB Karateka will be eligible to grade providing they have fulfilled all technical requirements, hold a current KUGB licence and record book and have permission to grade from their senior club instructor, Sensei Michael O’Connor, 7thDan. […]

  • New Starters

    FIRST LESSON FREE We are always looking for new starters who have never done karate before or those who may have had some exposure to martial arts of different styles. There are many benefits of studying karate whether you just want to get fit, meet people, would like to compete or are interested in more […]

  • Coming back to Karate

    If you have trained in karate before and had a break for whatever reason, this is an ideal opportunity to come back and continue your karate journey. Sensei Michael O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB has instructed seniors who have had 30 year breaks from karate and has guided them from Brown Belt up to 3rd Dan […]

  • Thursday training at HSKC

    Members please note, Thursdays are now kumite nights focussing on all aspects. Please bring your mitts.  Juniors/intermediates 6-7pm Advanced/intermediates 7-8pm Note: Thursdays are now 1/2 hour less for the second class.