Important members message from Sensei Mike O’Connor – HSKC Chief Instructor

Dear HSKC Members, Current, Past and New, 

The Handbridge Dojo in the Gym of Queens Park High School, Handbridge,
opened its doors for the first time on Monday 7th Sept to a reasonable start.
I know I was not there as I have to Self Isolate after returning from Germany
via Switzerland. So I am forced by regulations to stay away but feel great and
look forward to seeing everyone soon. However Sensei Dave Roberts 3rd Dan
is doing a fantastic job in a difficult situation.
This is made worse I think, by the current news which is reporting a lot on the “Rule of
Six”, which applies to any group meeting socially indoors or out.
The current Government rules for SPORT INDOORS are that there can be up to a
maximum of 30 providing there is a 2 metre distance in all directions from a 
fellow sportsperson. Our massive dojo has room to exceed the 30 limit if it were
raised.  So please bear this in mind SPORT is NOT  socially meeting indoors.
Right, now that’s clarified, I can tell you of the other measures for your safety.
1 The Gym doors handles are disinfected before and after every class.
2. We have our own approved non contact temperature “guns” to test members on entry.
3. For now we are using trainers or Kung fu slippers to train in so there is no floor contact.
4. You should come in your Gi or in loose clothing if you are a new starter, and change into
     your trainers or Kung Fu slippers in the dojo.
5. There is currently NO CONTACT  between members so Kihon, basics, Kata (Forms), and only distant Kumite with NO KIAI’s .
7. All toilet facilities are open and have a one way system and are again sprayed before class starts and where anyone can safely wash their hands.
So remember, very sadly, coronavirus is with us, it’s unlikely to go away, but physical fitness is recognised by the UK Gov Sport England, The World Health Organisation and the KUGB as an excellent method of remaining fit, which fights against infection, keeping off weight, and also helps fight CV19. Returning to training will help return the mental stability that lockdown negatively affected for most people.
So remember the hardest thing about training is JUST TURNING UP !!!!!
Come on back and enjoy what CV19 has taken away for most of us.
I will certainly be in the Dojo on the Mon 21st as my home “jail time” is at an end on the Sunday 20th but I am training in my home dojo every day.
Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB
Chief Club Instructor
Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club
The GYM – Queens Park High School Chester CH4 7AE
Totally non Profit making since 4th May 1969 – Now in our 51st Year
Mondays  6-7  Beginners and Kyu grades 7 – 8.30 Seniors
Thursdays 6-7  Beginners and Kyu grades 7 – 8.30 Seniors