Month: May 2018

  • Barefoot Karate

    I have been reading with interest articles on the potential benefits of barefoot running. The argument is that modern running shoes and possibly shoes in general could be bad for you. Now for many years I have had problems with my feet. I was initially diagnosed with fallen arches and spent a fortune on various […]

  • KUGB Events – 2018

    You can view all the KUGB events on the KUGB website here. Nearby events of interest are: Sunday, 3rd June, 2018 KUGB Free Black & Brown Belt Course & Dan Grading – Manchester Sunday 10 June 2018  Central Region Kumite Development Course Saturday 23 June 2018  Central Region All Grades Course & Squad Training Sunday […]

  • Gradings & Special Training Sessions

    KUGB Guests Welcome Monday 4th June 2018 Sensei Sherry 6pm-7pm Beginners/Intermediates 7pm-8:30pm Advanced Monday 25th June 2018 Sensei Frank Brennan 6pm-7pm Beginners/Intermediates 7pm-8:30pm Advanced Thursday 26th July 2018 – GRADING Sensei Sherry Training to start at 7pm till just after 8pm followed immediately by the HSKC Club grading. (Dojo will be open from 6pm) Monday […]

  • Award of KUGB 7th Dan to Chester Karate Instructor

    Sensei Mike O’Connor, Chief Club Instructor of the Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club was honoured at the 52nd Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) National Championships held at the Morningside Arena Leicester on Saturday 5th May 2018, the day after the club celebrated its 49th Anniversary of being a totally non-profit making Karate Club in Chester, by being […]

  • Sensei O’Connor 7th Dan

    Sensei O’Connor was awarded 7th Dan (Shichidan) at the KUGB Nationals on the 5th of May 2018. This is a fantastic achievement and a fitting reward for his dedication to karate and the KUGB.