Online Training during lockdown period due to Covid-19

All HSKC members,
During these difficult times, a lot of you will probably already be bored and in need of stimulation. There are a number of KUGB clubs currently running online karate sessions. I participated in a session last night with renowned instructors John and Holly Bruce. I have to say, although strange training in my living room, it was a fantastic session.
If any members would like to take part in any of these sessions, I’m sure the relevant clubs would welcome you. I know of at least 4 clubs who are doing this currently (there are probably more):-
Sendai Kushiro – Sensei’s John & Holly Bruce
Chelmsford Karate Club – Sensei Jane Naylor Jones
Ataru – Sensei Otto Blank
Sei Do Kan – Sensei Billy Higgins
Please let me know if you are interested and I will provide contact details for you.
Stay Safe – Sensei Dave Roberts