Coming back to Karate

If you have trained in karate before and had a break for whatever reason, this is an ideal opportunity to come back and continue your karate journey.

Sensei Michael O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB has instructed seniors who have had 30 year breaks from karate and has guided them from Brown Belt up to 3rd Dan on at least 3 occasions in the last 10 years and has helped many more juniors and seniors achieve Shodan or higher.

There is no need to be nervous. We can introduce you slowly back into the syllabus. You can wear your belt relating to your current grade the last time you trained, or if you wish, you can wear a white belt until such time you feel confident enough to wear your normal belt. There is no pressure. We have had many karateka come back saying they wished they had never given up.

We also welcome people from different styles of karate.

Look forward to seeing you in the dojo soon.

Sensei Dave Roberts 3rd Dan KUGB