Grading and Training December 2018

MONDAY 3rd December 2018 – GRADING

Sensei Sherry is coming to the club for training and grading.

Training to start at 6pm till just after 7pm followed immediately by the HSKC Club grading.

After the grading will be the senior class. Expected start is 7:30pm.

Normal rates will apply. KUGB Guests welcome.


Sensei Frank Brennan


Monday 22nd October 2018

Sensei Frank Brennan

6pm-7pm Beginners/Intermediates Standard and Family Rates

7pm-8:30pm Advanced £10 Adults, £5 Black Belt Juniors

Guests Welcome

Sensei Sherry 10th September 2018

Another great session with Sensei Sherry at Handbridge last night.

The kyu grades had the usual detailed review of basics, especially focusing on shuto followed by kata and kumite.


This was followed by a mini grading for students that missed the last grading. Well done to Niele Bezerra, Sophia Sullivan and Kevin Swanton for successfully grading to 8th kyu.

Niele Bezerra, Sophia Sullivan and Kevin Swanton with Sensei Sherry.

Then came the black belt session with some good kumite followed by a good look at compulsory katas for 3rd dan in preparation for the Special Dan course in Bath next month for Dave Roberts, Phil Dennis and Alun Hughes.

Grading 26th July 2018

Well done to

  • Mason Artell
  • Rowan Evans-Jones
  • Pati Holowacz
  • Victoria Kolodziejska
  • Sarah Okeny

For all passing their grading under the ever watchful eye of Sense1 Sherry.

Congratulations all

Barefoot Karate

I have been reading with interest articles on the potential benefits of barefoot running.

The argument is that modern running shoes and possibly shoes in general could be bad for you.

Now for many years I have had problems with my feet. I was initially diagnosed with fallen arches and spent a fortune on various supports and orthotics none of which worked. If I did a lot of walking, after a while my feet would start to hurt, in particular my right foot.

After seeing a specialist, I was then diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma and was booked in for an operation.

This was 10 years ago, and I was a regular squash player, squash didn’t really affect my feet, but as a 50 year old, I was getting more and more niggly injuries.  I started looking around for something else to do to supplement my squash. I did look at the various classes in the gym where I played squash, but didn’t really fancy them. My son was doing ju-jitsu, but I thought that would be too tough on my back and out of interest googled karate and Chester. So that is how I started karate again after a 30-year break!

Now finding out more about the operation, it turned out I would have to wear a special shoe for 6 months and would not be able to play squash, cycle or train, so I decided to cancel the operation and live with the pain.

Coming back to karate was great, my squash meant I was really fit, and karate improved my flexibility and strength. But another surprising benefit was that slowly but surely all my foot problems disappeared. I can now walk all day with no problems.

This just demonstrates yet another benefit to karate, a benefit that you may not have thought about, so get to the dojo and take those shoes off!

KUGB Events – 2018

KUGBYou can view all the KUGB events on the KUGB website here.

Nearby events of interest are:

Sunday, 3rd June, 2018

KUGB Free Black & Brown Belt Course & Dan Grading – Manchester

Sunday 10 June 2018 

Central Region Kumite Development Course

Saturday 23 June 2018 

Central Region All Grades Course & Squad Training

Sunday 22 July 2018 

Northern Region Kata Masterclass and All Grades Course

Monday 06 August 2018 – Friday 10 August 2018

The Karate Summer School – Lancaster

Please contact Dave Craggs if you want to go to this as we can get group discount.

Saturday 15 September 2018

KUGB Free Black & Brown Belt Course & Dan Grading – Barnsley

Saturday 22 September 2018

KUGB Shotokan Cup

Saturday 29 September 2018

KUGB Central Region All-grades Course & Kata Squad Training

Saturday 06 October 2018

2018 KUGB Special Dan Grade Course & Grading – Bath

Sunday 28 October 2018

KUGB Free Black & Brown Belt Course & Dan Grading – Tamworth