HSKC Westminster Park Grading Date 25th April 2019


Hanshi Sherry will arrive at 6pm teaching the grading class first – anyone can train in that class but it will be centered on the KYU grading syllabus.

The grading will start prompt at 7pm

Grading students MUST hand in their licence book and grading fee well before

Hanshi arrives the Dojo will be open from 5.35pm for this purpose.


Seniors should warm up on their own because as soon as the grading is complete the senior class will begin. Estimated at 7.20 to 7.30pm

The senior class will train till 8.30 which will be a solid hour of Dan Grade related Kata and Kumite (Bring your mitts)


Those training on the pre-grading First Class normal £4 child £5 Adult with family concessions. Kyu grades not grading are also very welcome to come along to train.

The grading fee – paid by us to Hanshi Sherry is £10 per student grading.

If you want a signed grading certificate they are £1 and can be purchased later.

I have negotiated a supplier for belts which are very cheap and a link will be sent  out by Dave Craggs.

Seniors training fee is £10 – but you are more than welcome to train in the first class for free if you pay the senior fee – You can rest and re-hydrate whilst the grading takes place.

Christmas Training

Here are the club training session session for over Christmas.

Don’t forget, the more you train, the more mince pies you can eat 🙂

Have a great Christmas everyone.

Monday 17th Queens Park High – class is on

Wednesday 19th Westminster Park – class is on

Thursday 20th Queens Park High – class is on

Saturday 22nd Westminster Park – class is on

Monday 24th Queens Park HighCLOSED

Wednesday 26th Westminster ParkCLOSED

Thursday 27th Queens Park HighCLOSED

Saturday 29th Westminster Park – class is on

Monday 31st Queens Park HighCLOSED

Wednesday 2nd January Westminster Park – class is on

Thursday 3rd January Queens Park High – class is on

Saturday 5th January Westminster Park – class is on

Grading Results December 2018

Well done to:

Zak Hughes
Elliott Barnes
Ian Crewe
Rowan Evans-Jones
Victoria Kolodziejska
Pati Holowacz
Phoebe Ward
Adam Preece
Sarah Okeny
Lenon Richards (Rhyl and Prestatyn)
Kouki Hirakawa
Mia Hirakawa

For all successfully grading last night.

Grading and Training December 2018

MONDAY 3rd December 2018 – GRADING

Sensei Sherry is coming to the club for training and grading.

Training to start at 6pm till just after 7pm followed immediately by the HSKC Club grading.

After the grading will be the senior class. Expected start is 7:30pm.

KUGB Guests welcome.


Sensei Frank Brennan


Monday 22nd October 2018

Sensei Frank Brennan

6pm-7pm Beginners/Intermediates Standard and Family Rates

7pm-8:30pm Advanced £10 Adults, £5 Black Belt Juniors

Guests Welcome

Sensei Sherry 10th September 2018

Another great session with Sensei Sherry at Handbridge last night.

The kyu grades had the usual detailed review of basics, especially focusing on shuto followed by kata and kumite.


This was followed by a mini grading for students that missed the last grading. Well done to Niele Bezerra, Sophia Sullivan and Kevin Swanton for successfully grading to 8th kyu.

Niele Bezerra, Sophia Sullivan and Kevin Swanton with Sensei Sherry.

Then came the black belt session with some good kumite followed by a good look at compulsory katas for 3rd dan in preparation for the Special Dan course in Bath next month for Dave Roberts, Phil Dennis and Alun Hughes.

Grading 26th July 2018

Well done to

  • Mason Artell
  • Rowan Evans-Jones
  • Pati Holowacz
  • Victoria Kolodziejska
  • Sarah Okeny

For all passing their grading under the ever watchful eye of Sense1 Sherry.

Congratulations all