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Welcome to the new website for Handbridge and Westminster Park Shotokan Karate Clubs. This really has been long overdue.

Hope you like the new look and feel.

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Grading November 2013

Well done to Laura King, Louise Coleman, Joseph Townsend, Daniel McDermott, Daniel Sheppard, Leo Owen, Charlie Appap, Nathan Goodwin, James Greensmith, Daniel Cocker, Jack Yang, Tom Devlin, Connor Williams, Ben Baker, Sam Baker, Dylan Champion, Oliver Devlin, Harry Devlin, Arjun Balasubramaniam, George Craggs, Edward Brown, Ellen Brown, Thomas Lang for successfully grading on Monday.

100% full pass rate. Well done all.

Grading July 2013

Fantastic grading result at Queens Park Handbridge last night with Hanshi Sherry.

Congratulations to the following members of Handbridge SKC:

Louise Coleman Orange
Joseph Townsend Orange
Tom Ye Orange
Daniel McDermott Orange

Daniel Sheppard Red
Leo Owen Red
Charlie Appap Red
Martin Taylor Red
Sam Taylor Red

Niall Hagan Yellow
Luke Floyd Yellow
Nathan Goodwin Yellow
James Greensmith Yellow
Daniel Cocker Yellow
Jack Yang Yellow

Olivia Hagan Green
Connor Williams Green
Tom Devlin Green

Ben Baker Purple
Sam Baker Purple
Dylan Champion Purple
Oliver Devlin Purple
Harry Devlin Purple
George Craggs Purple
Edward Brown Purple
Ellen Brown Purple

Olivia Thorpe Purple & White

Tom Birch Brown
Sonia Danby Brown
Thomas Lang Brown

Also, congratulations to the following member of Ataru who graded with us last night:

Niall Malone Orange
Sandra Keissling Orange

Gareth Steele Purple and White

Grading March 2013

Congratulations to Daniel Sheppard, Natthawut Nurat, Jude Whelan, Leo Owen, Martin Taylor, Sam Taylor, Daniel Cocker, Jack Yang, James Greensmith, Luke Floyd, Nathan Goodwin, Connor Williams, Tom Devlin, Olivia Hagan, George Craggs, Dylan Champion, Ellen Brown, Edward Brown, Oliver Devlin, Harry Devlin, Ben Baker, Sam Baker, Charlie Appap, Arjun Balasubramaniam, Olivia Thorpe, Sonja Danby and Tom Birch for successfully grading last night with Hanshi Sherry at Handbridge last night.

Well done everyone.

Grading December 2012

Congratulations to Daniel Cocker, Jack Yang, James Greensmith, Tom Devlin, Niall Hagan, Olivia Hagan, James Wickwar, George Craggs, Dylan Champion, Ellen Brown, Edward Brown, Ben Baker, Sam Baker, Daniel Hughes, Oliver Devlin, Harry Devlin, Sonia Danby and Tom Birch for successfully grading at the Handbridge dojo last night with Sensei Master Sherry. Well done all!

Grading August 2012

Congratulations to Tom Devlin, Cole Carine, Niall Hagan, Olivia Hagan, George Craggs, Dylan Champion, Ben Pearman, Harry Devlin, Oliver Devlin, Ellen Brown, Edward Brown, Ben Baker, Sam Baker and Daniel Hughes on successfully grading with Sensei Master Sherry on the 23rd of August 2012.

Well done to everyone, a credit to the club.

HSKC Grading

Sensei Master Sherry took the HSKC grading class on the 23rd of April 2012.

Everyone did really well, congratulations to:

Hannah Walker
Jenny Books
Daniel Hughes
Arjun Balasubramanian
Bob Pearman
Ben Pearman
Daniel Hilditch
George Craggs
Dylan Champion
Ellen Brown
Edward Brown
Ben Baker
Sam Baker
Simon Dahl
Tom Birch
Harry Devlin
Oliver Devlin