No training Thursday 14th April

Please note, there will be no training on Thursday 14th April due to an incidence of Covid at the club. I tested positive on 11th April and Sensei Mike is away in Torbay this week.
As Monday 18th is bank holiday, the next training session will be Thursday 21st April.
Stay safe.


Sensei Dave

Free Adult Taster Session

Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club is offering a free taster session for adults interested in taking up karate. The chief instructor is Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan, who is one of only four 7th Dans in the KUGB and has been training for over 50 years. Mike is assisted by Sensei Dave Roberts 3rd Dan.
If you are interested, please contact Sensei Mike O’Connor on 01244 319303 or Sensei Dave Roberts on 07841 710989. Alternatively, you can just turn up on the night. Classes are 6pm-7pm every Monday and Thursday. Loose clothing such as jogging pants and tee shirts should be worn.

Covid Protection

Should any member feel at risk from Omicron or any other Covid variant and wish to wear a mask in training that will be perfectly acceptable.
Sport England say it’s not a current requirement but for risk groups it’s optional.
We wish all our members to feel safe coming back to training in 2022 and will support all efforts to keep our members happy and safe.
See you in the dojo.
Oss Sensei Mike .

Kyu Grading – Mon 29th Nov 2021

HSKC will be holding our next Kyu grading on Monday 29th November 2021. The grading will be conducted by Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB.

It is imperative you train regularly and are of a sufficient standard to be eligible to grade. Ideally, you should be training at least twice per week.

Those wishing to grade should ensure your licence is up to date. Please speak to Sensei Mike or Sensei Dave if you are wishing to grade.

Cost of grading is £10 plus the usual cost of the training session.


Remembering Enoeda Sensei

Remembering Enoeda Sensei, sadly lost to the world of karate 18 years ago on the 29th March…his spirit lives on in many dojos…this famous portrait from Bernard Rose photography is from the 1978 shoot for Terry O’Neill’s FAI magazine.

Staged return to Training

To all the members of the Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club and it’s visitors
As per the government /Sport England and the K.U.G.B. approval,  Indoor training will start in stages;
(Under 18 at the date shown) may return to training in the GYM of Queens Park High School from MONDAY 12th April 6pm to 7pm
Youngsters arriving should stay socially distant and come already in their Gi – trainers are now optional for under 18’s.  OTHER THAN THE INSTRUCTORS : NO ADULTS ARE ALLOWED
Your Temperature will be checked and the use of hand sanitizer is required for entry.
Adult spectators are NOT allowed under the conditions for return to training.
You should NOT attend if you have ANY covid symptoms – sudden fatigue, high temperature, persistent cough, a change in your taste or sense of smell.
Stage 2 For HSKC SENIOR MEMBERS,  (Over 18) 
Training for over 18’s in both the Kyu class and the Dan Class are allowed to restart indoor training ONLY from MONDAY 17th MAY  2021. Please do not attempt to visit prior to this date as it is not allowed by law
Please note this second date the 17th May is subject to any government extension to lock down rules and entirely out of the influence of HSKC or the KUGB. 
Again we would ask that You should NOT attend if you have ANY covid symptoms – sudden fatigue, high temperature, persistent cough, a change in your taste or sense of smell.
The above safety checks and sanitizer use will also apply.
It will be our pleasure to welcome you back to safe training in the Handbridge Dojo.
Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB – Chief Instructor of HSKC
Sensei Dave Roberts 3rd Dan KUGB – Assistant Chief Instructor of HSKC
DOJO: The GYM, Queens Park High School,
Handbridge , Chester CH4 7AE