Remembering Enoeda Sensei

Remembering Enoeda Sensei, sadly lost to the world of karate 18 years ago on the 29th March…his spirit lives on in many dojos…this famous portrait from Bernard Rose photography is from the 1978 shoot for Terry O’Neill’s FAI magazine.

Staged return to Training

To all the members of the Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club and it’s visitors
As per the government /Sport England and the K.U.G.B. approval,  Indoor training will start in stages;
(Under 18 at the date shown) may return to training in the GYM of Queens Park High School from MONDAY 12th April 6pm to 7pm
Youngsters arriving should stay socially distant and come already in their Gi – trainers are now optional for under 18’s.  OTHER THAN THE INSTRUCTORS : NO ADULTS ARE ALLOWED
Your Temperature will be checked and the use of hand sanitizer is required for entry.
Adult spectators are NOT allowed under the conditions for return to training.
You should NOT attend if you have ANY covid symptoms – sudden fatigue, high temperature, persistent cough, a change in your taste or sense of smell.
Stage 2 For HSKC SENIOR MEMBERS,  (Over 18) 
Training for over 18’s in both the Kyu class and the Dan Class are allowed to restart indoor training ONLY from MONDAY 17th MAY  2021. Please do not attempt to visit prior to this date as it is not allowed by law
Please note this second date the 17th May is subject to any government extension to lock down rules and entirely out of the influence of HSKC or the KUGB. 
Again we would ask that You should NOT attend if you have ANY covid symptoms – sudden fatigue, high temperature, persistent cough, a change in your taste or sense of smell.
The above safety checks and sanitizer use will also apply.
It will be our pleasure to welcome you back to safe training in the Handbridge Dojo.
Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB – Chief Instructor of HSKC
Sensei Dave Roberts 3rd Dan KUGB – Assistant Chief Instructor of HSKC
DOJO: The GYM, Queens Park High School,
Handbridge , Chester CH4 7AE

Latest Training Information due to Covid-19

Please be advised that due to the latest government guidelines, EDU Lettings who manage the Handbridge Dojo bookings have been informed that the dojo will now have to close from Tuesday 5th January until Sunday 14th February (subject to government updates).

We will keep you updated with further notices as and when we have new information.

Thank you all once again for your support.

PS If anyone wishes to train, there are many Zoom classes available with senior Sensei’s. These sessions will help towards your next grading. Please message for details.

Training January 2021

Please note, due to the recent change to Tier 4, the dojo will not now open on 4th January as planned. The earliest possible date back in the dojo will be 18th January. However, this is still subject to government and KUGB advice. The website will be updated after the next government statement regarding restrictions.
Stay home, stay safe.

Christmas Message 2020

Dear HSKC Members.
I want to wish you all a very safe and special Happy Christmas 2020.
It has been a hard year for everyone, myself included. So many
courses and plans had to be cancelled.
The Handbridge Dojo had its last session of the year on Monday 21st
Thank you everyone who made the effort to be there.
Thank you to those who have supported the Dojo but just could not make it.
With the blessing of Sport England and the safety protocols of the
KUGB we will re-open in the New Year on Monday 4th January 2021.
Remember that the best defence against the virus is regular exercise
and we have Temperature checks on Instructors and students alike.
We are all well distanced in a huge airy Gym.
Trainers are being worn so no contact with the floor and everywhere
is sanitised as well as hand sanitizer on entry.
No contact allowed so it’s its basics and Kata with long distance
kumite drills and NO kiais or shouts.
So do feel safe to join back with us in 2021
Please have a Happy Safe Christmas and New Year see you on the 4th
Jan 2021.
Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB
HSKC Chief Club Instructor.

Resumption of Training Sessions at HSKC

Dear members,

As of Thursday 3 December, HSKC will be resuming training sessions at Queen’s Park High School. We will be following government and KUGB guidelines and also EDU-Lettings procedures which are detailed below.

Training times are as follows:-

Mon 6pm – 7pm Juniors, Beginners and Intermediates

Mon 7pm – 8pm Seniors

Thu 6pm – 7pm Juniors, Beginners and Intermediates

Thu 7pm – 8pm Seniors

We look forward to welcoming you back to training.

EDU-Lettings procedures

We look forward to welcoming all our community groups and organisations from Wednesday 2nd December in line with the recent Covid-19 guidance we have communicated with you.This is a reminder with regards to our operational procedures. As we are all aware, Covid-19 has impacted the sport and leisure industry, we thank you for your continued support.

Please also see below operational procedures when visiting site. These, alongside your activities current governing body guidelines MUST be adhered to. Please ensure you have understood and researched your body guidelines before visiting site.

– Do not report to reception, our members of the team will visit you in your area of use to sign you in on arrival.
– NO CHANGING ROOMS are available. Please ensure your users come ready. (Swim excluded).
– There is a one way system, to the left, clearly sign posted on ALL corridors and floors.
– Toilets have a red and green system.
– Doors and touch points will be opened to minimise contact where possible.
– Only 1 adult per child under 16 and NO additional spectators on site this includes siblings. Users and users clients only.
– If you run a junior activity, please ensure only one adult picks up and drops off and where possible stays in their cars.
– Sanitising stations including hand sanitisers, sprays and wipes will be stationed outside of main areas of use. Use these at your leisure.
– Our staff will wipe down all touch points and equipment before and after each user.
– Only Visit our reception for emergencies and this must the lead coach, or supporting coach.
– Do not, under any circumstances enter un-booked rooms. You must stick to the space you have booked.
– All of your junior users, MUST have an adult coach or supervisor attend the walk between your space of use and toilets.
-Please ensue you r Risk Assessment and Covid-19 Questionnaire are uploaded to your documents on your online account.

– ACCESS – Please read the risk assessment and follow all protocols in regard to ONE Way System (entering and exiting site).
– TRACK AND TRACE – Similarly to the restaurant industry, as usual, your lead must sign in. Should yourself, or anyone who has been in contact with our site, test positive for the virus within 7 days of using the facility, you must make Edu-Lettings aware. We will then contact all relevant users of the same evening and spaces to inform users of a positive case. QR Codes are situated around the site and we need all attendees to scan using the NHS App.
– Covid-19 – guidance must be adhered to for all bookings please ask EDU staff if any questions or queries.
Please ensure you leave the last 5 minutes of your booking to leave the facility as your found it and leave via your exit point in time for the next user. The last 5 minutes will also be spent cleaning equipment and touch points by our team with assistance from the group lead. Please do not try to enter ANY facility before your start time. Note – this is not the time you wish to get in to set up. this is your booked start time.

I appreciate the 5 minutes eating into time of your session – however we must all work together, to ensure all sport and activity is allowed to go ahead in a safe environment for all.
We will continue to update all clients with regards to the information received on Covid-19 regulations both in the leisure and educational sector.

Our staff will be on hand to support you during your time on site, however, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss further.

Kind Regards
Nick and Mike

EDU Team

Zoom Classes from Red Triangle

*** Important News ***
On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, Sensei Sherry and Sensei Frank Brennan will be holding live zoom classes from the Red Triangle.
These classes will focus on preparation for those taking their next grade, eg 1st Kyu going for Shodan etc. 3rd Dan and above class is open to all Karateka of those grades.
Classes are as follows :
1st Kyu – 11am – 12 noon
1st & 2nd Dans – 12.15 to 1.15pm
3rd Dan & above – 1.30 – 2.30pm
Please warm-up prior to the start of the class. You must be in your gi.
Training is free, but spaces are limited, so to book in you will need to email with the following information :
Date & time of training session :
Name :
Club :
Grade :
Licence No :
Expiry date :
Once your email is received your space will be booked, depending upon availability, and you will receive login information.
We look forward to seeing you online next weekend.