Online Training during lockdown period due to Covid-19

All HSKC members,
During these difficult times, a lot of you will probably already be bored and in need of stimulation. There are a number of KUGB clubs currently running online karate sessions. I participated in a session last night with renowned instructors John and Holly Bruce. I have to say, although strange training in my living room, it was a fantastic session.
If any members would like to take part in any of these sessions, I’m sure the relevant clubs would welcome you. I know of at least 4 clubs who are doing this currently (there are probably more):-
Sendai Kushiro – Sensei’s John & Holly Bruce
Chelmsford Karate Club – Sensei Jane Naylor Jones
Ataru – Sensei Otto Blank
Sei Do Kan – Sensei Billy Higgins
Please let me know if you are interested and I will provide contact details for you.
Stay Safe – Sensei Dave Roberts

HSKC tribute to Sensei Bob Poynton 8th Dan KUGB

We took time out on our last training session of Thursday 19th March 2020  to remember our very great friend and truly amazing Karate senior  Kyoshi Bob “Bobby” Poynton 8th Dan.
Sadly the small family funeral planned for April will not be what this huge stalwart of KUGB karate deserves for his amazing dedication to the Karate Union of Great Britain, his representation of his Country in World, European and Domestic Championships, his contributions towards World Karate and the unification of Karate in the UK under Sport England. His bringing together of Karate as an Exam qualification in O and A level, his advancing Senior Dan Grades to be Coaching Assessors, who in turn upgraded Club Instructors and a whole raft of attainable qualifications for teaching karate more professionally.
His tireless work along side Hanshi Sherry 9th Dan, in raising up the standard of KUGB referees and Judges to be the envy of other associations worldwide, Kyoshi Bob Poynton as KUGB Administrator and Course Organiser has always made himself available to help us with club matters over our 51 year history and I was grateful to be only talking with him personally on the Friday prior to his passing in his home when he looked well but as usual was very busy but still made time to speak to me and have a last cup of tea together. Who knew ??
Sadly Kyoshi Bob “Bobby “Poynton 8th Dan died in his sleep and was found Tuesday morning 10th March by shocked KUGB Office staff.
The cause of death has been determined as heart failure.
All our thoughts and sympathy go out to his brother Jimmy, his sister Doreen, their family and friends and to the senior members of the KUGB who are as shocked and saddened as me and the rest of the members of the Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club.
RIP Sensei
(written by Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan KUGB and Chief Instructor Handbridge SKC)

Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan – Training & Kyu Grading


Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Chief Instructor to the KUGB will be visiting Handbridge dojo on Thursday 19 March 2020.
There will be one training session for all grades commencing 6pm sharp until approx. 7:15pm. The Kyu grading will follow directly after the training session. The cost to grade is £10 which goes directly to Sensei Sherry. Training costs will be normal prices.
Please ensure you arrive at least 20mins before training starts and have your licences and record book ready so you can be booked in.
Any KUGB members from other clubs are very welcome to attend.

Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan – Training Session


Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan and Chief Instructor to the KUGB will be at the club on Monday 24 February 2020 for what promises to be a fantastic evening of karate.
These sessions are open to all members and visitors.
6pm-7pm Beginners | Juniors | Intermediates
7pm – 8:30pm Intermediates | Seniors

Please make every effort to attend. You will not be disappointed. If you have not trained with Sensei Sherry before, this is a fantastic opportunity to train with your Chief Instructor and Grading Examiner.

Adult Beginners Taster Session – Free

Handbridge Shotokan Karate Club is offering a free taster session for adults interested in taking up karate. The chief instructor is Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan. He is one of only four 7th Dans in the KUGB and has been training for over 50 years. Mike is assisted by Sensei Dave Roberts 3rd Dan.
If you are interested, please contact Sensei Mike O’Connor on 01244 319303 or Sensei Dave Roberts on 07841 710989. Alternatively, you can just turn up on the night. Classes are 6pm-7pm every Monday and Thursday. Loose clothing such as jogging pants and tee shirts should be worn.


TRICK OR TREAT – Training and Grading on All Hallows Eve at HSKC

Report by Sensei Mike O’Connor 7th Dan HSKC’s Chief Club Instructor
Trick OR TREAT :   Yes it was possibly not the best night for a grading but it suited the majority of members and we were able to secure Hanshi Andy Sherry 9th Dan to both teach and to grade the members.
Again on the trick or treat theme we were all only going to train for one and a quarter hours which may have tricked some of the Black Belts into thinking it would be an easier session than our normal longer class time, but Hanshi Sherry had tricks galore in running virtually two seperate classes at the same time. The basics were ramped up through the grades but given an extra boost for the Black Belts, we could have done without the central
heating being on, which even with the windows open made this one HOT night.
Adding to the heat were our visitors, we were pleased to have Chris Luecke 4th Dan over from the famous Liverpool Red Triangle and Otto Blank 4th Dan Chief Club Instructor of Ataru Shotokan Karate. Their presence helped lift the senior section to train even harder especially in the Kumite section of the class.
Towards the second part of the session after Kihon was done to screaming Kiai It was then Kumite and Kata for everyone. Whilst the Kyu grades started with standard Gohon (Five  step sparring) the seniors performing Five Step with a difference Tori (Attacker) sambon attacks to Uki (defender) triple blocks and triple counters on every step.
As the Kyu grades moved on to one attack Fixed ippon Kumite the seniors did their Five Step Sanbon attacks now in a ju Kumite (free style) manner. “Just one more time,with spirit” seamed to be said very often by Hanshi Sherry but it did the trick as it had everyone steamed up with karate spirit. Is this how Kyoshi Frank Brennan got this phrase??
The Kata for the seniors was Tekki Sandan with arduous attention to detail. The Kyu grades did their grading Kata again with Hanshi polishing their skills resulting in a 100% FULL PASS for every one of our members taking their grading.
Some members had to think of families on this All Hallows night of fun but I think those who came to the dojo got the real treats of the night. Great training and Wonderful grading result, even Hanshi Sherry was very cheerful at the result.
PS. 1.  Some junior members are not present in the group photo as that has been their    parents wishes to not be on the internet.
       2. Hanshi Sherry reports that Kyoshi Frank Brennan is recovering from his hip operation and walking unaided which is fantastic news. We all look forward to training with Kyoshi Frank on the 30th november at Egham.

Grading Results – 31 October 2019

Congratulations to the following students who successfully graded under Sensei Sherry on 31 October 2019. Everyone put in a very strong and spirited performance and all Handbridge students gained a full pass:-

9th Kyu – Orange Belt
Stefanie Mitze-Unlüer

Jason Chen

Kimberley Chen

6th Kyu – Green Belt

Jake Nieri

5th Kyu – Purple Belt

Sarah Reynolds

Lydia Stent

A big thank you to our guests from Ataru and Red Triangle for attending and congratulations to Wayne Williams from Ataru on grading to 2nd Kyu, temporary.

This was another excellent session from Sensei Sherry working on detail, speed and kime. Make sure you all take note of Sensei’s comments and take these into your next sessions.
New katas to learn now so a lot of concentration will be necessary!!

Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan – Training and Kyu Grading session


Please do your utmost to attend the grading session on Thu 31 Oct even if you are not grading. There will be one training session for all starting at 6pm sharp and finishing around 7:15pm. 

The grading will follow from 7:15 onwards. 

Prices will be usual club prices i.e. £4 juniors, students and unemployed, £5 seniors. Usual family discounts will apply. 

Members from other KUGB clubs are encouraged to attend. 

Let’s make this a session to remember.